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Reporter Professional Plus Logger Software New Version 5.x   ECO WARRIOR Pro Real Time Energy Monitoring & Targeting New Version 6.x
Now for HAWK I, II, 3000, 5000, Pro Tracker, E-Tracker &  Profile    
New Real Time Logging Screen for Hawk Loggers above.   Award winning AM&T system.

What's New

bulletCompatible with the latest Windows versions (up to 8.1 at time of writing)
bullet"Plus" version is now included as Standard (larger range of loggers supported)
bulletSupport included for Marshall Tufflex Sinergy e-Tracker & Pro Tracker
bulletSupport for Newfound Energy "Profile" logger files.
bulletUpdated User Interface
bulletFully integrated Help and Manual
bulletOption to use Unified Colours
bulletImproved logger communication selection (Magic USB/Serial Finder)
bulletSingle PDF Auto Reports (combine many reports into a single PDF for emailing)
bulletPDF Chart Reports (example: chart per day into single PDF)
bulletEnhanced Graphical Real-time Monitor
bulletEven Better Chart Quality
bulletLower Pricing.

What's New

bulletNew  look compatible with the latest Windows versions (XP  to Windows 8.1 at time of writing)
bulletExtensive new dash board features added to browser allowing multiple scrolling dashboards.
bulletRemove header icons with Function keys for pure Dashboard only display.
bulletNew gauges & charts added.
bulletNew Cumulative Sum real-time graphical comparison with previous days, weeks, months and years.
bulletAdd your own graphics to charts and dashboards.
bulletUpdated User Interface.
bulletEven Better Chart Quality




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